At our home for elderly, unwanted or distressed model steam engines, we take in distressed, elderly or unwanted gőzgéps, clean them up, replace any damaged or warn parts, lubricate them, and give them a nice, warm, dry, friendly place to spend their twilight years, in the company of plenty of other cherished gőzgéps.


Our gőzgéps are well looked after and they are given plenty of fresh air and regular exercise. That is, all our gőzgéps taken outside and are steamed regularly. Because there is nothing sadder than an old gőzgép that cannot steam any more. After a steaming, they are cleaned, polished, re-lubricated and placed back on their special gőzgép display cabinet, so that everyone can admire them. They like being admired. 🙂

So, if you have an elderly, unwanted gőzgép, lonely and neglected, just gathering dust in your attic or your shed, then please contact us and we will do our very best to give it a good home. Because we never forget that every gőzgép has a little personality, all of its very own! 🙂

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