Pictures of our cherished gőzgéps and their various accessories and tools.

Engine - Mamod SE3

14 Photos

Engine - SEL 1520

10 Photos

Engine - SEL 1530

12 Photos

Engine - Mystery

30 Photos

Engineering - Adjustable Pistons

CJW Steam's adjustable pistons for Mamod engines.

2 Photos

Art - Gőzgép Studio

Behind the scenes in our make-shift gőzgép studio

2 Photos

Engine - All

2011 June group shoot of all our gőzgéps.

18 Photos

Meccano - E15 Motor

Obviously, there's no way that an electric motor can look as pretty as a gőzgép. But, for a boring old motor, this does have a sort of beauty in its ugliness.

12 Photos

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